Expand on existing efforts to green streets, alleys, and backyards.Edit


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Strategies: GreeningEdit

1. Increase the street tree canopy in the neighborhood

  • Trees provide multiple benefits – not only do they provide shade in the summer and color in the spring and fall but they have also been shown to increase property value. In addition to planting trees, care for trees is critical to ensure their health.
  • Create a tree map to track existing trees (location and health) and identify blocks in need of trees.
  • Hire an arborist to assist with a tree health survey.
  • Strengthen the network of “green” captains to spearhead tree planting and greening projects.
  • Host workshops and develop informational material to help residents care for their trees (see Goal #3.A).

2. Develop different methods for greening narrow blocks

  • Many of the streets in the neighborhood, like Decker, Luzerne, and XXX are too narrow for traditional street tree planting. However, there are opportunities for greening these blocks using small trees, container gardens, and window boxes.
  • Identify blocks that are too narrow for traditional street tree planting and develop strategies for greening each of these blocks.
  • Develop drawings and information showing possible greening solutions.
  • Fund a grant focusing on “pilot testing” greening one or two narrow blocks.
  • Create a neighborhood ‘gardening’ club focusing on container gardens.

3. Create greener alleys and backyards

  • The rears of houses, backyards alleys, offer opportunities for increasing the tree canopy, creating private and community outdoor spaces, and beautifying the neighborhood.
  • Develop and promote a green alley initiative in the neighborhood.
  • Work with existing greening partners, such as Blue Water Baltimore and the Center for Watershed Protection, to expand the “Blue Alleys” pilot project.
  • Develop design guidelines for future alley greening efforts.
  • Make the alley gating process easier.
  • Develop an initiative to encourage residents to plant trees and gardens in their backyards.
  • Develop drawings and informational material showing different options for backyard plantings/designs.
  • Support/encourage rain barrel creation and use.
  • Develop a concerted effort to reduce the rat population and mitigate their effects.