Goal 1: Develop a sustainable structure for the PPNA Greening Committee

Goal 2: Improve community engagement around greening and sustainability activities

  1. Develop new means of communications
  2. Better integrate the existing leadership structure of the neighborhood with greening activities
  3. Enhance and develop partnerships with established neighborhood groups and schools

Goal 3: Provide multiple means of educating people about greening and sustainability

  1. Develop “how-to” workshops on greening activities
  2. Create information and resource material for various greening and cleaning activities
  3. Create design guidelines that are easy to understand and implement

Goal 4: Expand on existing efforts to green streets, alleys, and backyards

  1. Increase the street tree canopy in the neighborhood
  2. Develop different methods for greening narrow blocks
  3. Create greener alleys and backyards

Goal 5: Make it easier for people to use transit and bicycles

  1. Improve public transportation infrastructure and visibility
  2. Improve bicycle and pedestrian safety
  3. Implement traffic calming devices

Goal 6: Reduce storm water runoff in the neighborhood

  1. Increase street planting areas that filter storm water runoff
  2. Reduce storm water runoff in alleys
  3. Reduce storm water runoff on private property

Goal 7: Improve air quality by reducing energy use and promoting renewable energy

  1. Reduce home and business energy use
  2. Increase street tree planting
  3. Promote the use of renewable energy

Goal 8: Reduce trash and improve the cleanliness of streets and alleys

  1. Improve home waste disposal and recycling
  2. Improve the look of the neighborhood
  3. Introduce more trash cans at the end of blocks, possibly with a cigarette disposal.

Goal 9: Integrate Library Square into neighborhood greening and sustainability activities